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AJ Grupp is the first 5 axis CNC Routers manufacturer in Estonia.

Our machines have a tough steel construction, able for accuracy, reliable and efficient, targeting every customers most specific needs:

- machining of different materials including hard wood, plastic, composites, foam, non-ferrous metals.

-Molds and patterns, rapid prototypes and samples, complicated surfaces, sculptural elements
and other products can be machined both rough and finish in one set-up.

-can be widely used in woodworking, furniture, sofas and armchairs manufacturing,
architectural, boat-building, automotive and aerospace industry,
as well as defense and military industry.


5 axis CNC - CAM-programming, machining

AJ Grupp offer:

-full technological process to our customers, including design, technological preparation, and machining of a product.

 -most present day CAD/CAM technologies for 3D modeling, optimizing, creating tool paths and running router.