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AJG produces intricate architectural decorative molds and patterns for residential and commercial building column projects, park benches and fireplace mantles.  Whether you are making home improvements by adding pillars to the interior or exterior, or need a mold for a park bench, AJG has the technology and experience for all your application requirements.

patterns, molds, models and prototypes for industries including aerospace, architectural, boating, and car racing

5 Axis CNC Machining

For demanding CNC machining needs, we use our 5-axis machines. With its simultaneous multi-axis machine movement, components are able to be finished in one set-up. Therefore, we are able to reduce the amount of material repositioning needed for most 3D products. This results in highly accurate products that are produced quickly and efficiently. In addition, our 5-axis machine features shorter cutters that enable very precise machining for your most complex designs.

The Benefits of 5 Axis Machining:

  • Able to create complex designs
  • Able to machine deep corners and cavities
  • Features shorter cutters produce precise machining cuts and smooth finishes
  • Significant time savings due to one-time set-up
  • Significant material savings due to lack of material repositioning
  • Features our CNC motionmaster router that performs high-speed trimming and cutting


We have the capability to machine a wide variety of materials including woods, plastics, aluminiums, foams, clays and ceramics.
  • Plastics
  • Aluminum
  • Composite Materials
  • EPS
  • Tooling Foam (All Densities)
  • Honeycomb
  • Ceramic Foam
  • All Types of Wood
  • Styrofoam

Computer Modeling

APW supports advanced computer modeling software to deliver fast, efficient design, manufacture and inspection of all types of tooling, including patterns and molds. Because of this, we are able to provide a comprehensive solution to increase productivity and speed delivery at all stages, from the receipt of the customer's design through to the inspection of sample parts.

Our state of the art CAD/CAM software allows us to move from traditional methods based on drawings to modern, computer-based three-dimensional modeling and machining. The use of 3D computer models removes the ambiguity inherent in 2D drawings, so reducing mistakes and rework, while adding our CNC machining allows accuracy and productivity to be increased and delivery times to be shortened.

We are proud to offer unmatched performance in getting product design work done quickly and accurately. We can easy produce 2D and 3D geometric creations, as well as fast creation of 3D surfaces. With our Mastercam mc9 software, we are able to create a variety of surfaces including surface projections, surface intersections, edge curves, slicing curves, and parting lines, in addition to efficient arc, circle, and fillet functions.

We offer built-in data converters, allowing us to accept files in a variety of formats, so that we can indeed make your design a reality.

The major benefit of five-axis machining is the ability to machine complex shapes in a single set-up. This gives greater machining productivity compared to performing the job in a series of set ups, as well as significantly reducing the time and cost of preparing fixtures. Furthermore, with multiple set-ups, there is always a possibility of incorrect alignment each time the part is moved.

Another important advantage of five-axis machining is that it enables shorter cutting tools to be used since the head can be lowered towards the job and the cutter oriented towards the surface. As a result, higher cutting speeds can be achieved without putting excessive load on the cutter, so increasing tool life and reducing breakages.

The use of shorter cutters also reduces the vibration of the tool that can result when machining deep cores or cavities with three-axis machines. This allows a higher quality surface finish to be obtained, so reducing, or even eliminating, the need for time-consuming hand finishing.

Another major benefit from the use of five-axis machining is the ability to machine extremely complex parts from solid that would otherwise have to be cast. For prototypes and very small runs, this approach is much quicker and cheaper. It can give lead times of one or two weeks, instead of two months or more that would be needed for castings.

Five-axis machining can give also huge time savings in the drilling of holes. While this may seem trivial in comparison to the difficulty of machining a complex core or cavity, drilling a series of holes with different compound angles is extremely time consuming. If a three-axis machine is used, a different set-up must be used for each hole. With a five-axis machine, the head can be oriented along the correct axis for each hole automatically, allowing drilling to be completed much more quickly.


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